Saturday, January 28, 2006

Back home, finally

I am FINALLY home after being released from hospital yesterday. So much for day surgery.

The actual surgery all went well, its the side effects which have me laid up. Dizzy, nausea... its like being seasick on dry land. I won't go into how awful it is. But its pretty awful :P And I'm putting a lot of faith into the doctor who said it won't last forever. Apparently its a common side effect.

The only complication being I've lost the taste buds on my left side coz he had to drill through the nerve. Well, better that than a facial nerve ;)

Thank you to everyone who has sent me sms's, it is much appreciated. My apologies if I didn't reply to all of them, its an effort to concentrate on a small screen.

I'm going to go collapse on a chair after the tremendous effort of staying upright while typing this out :P

oh, btw... NURSES ROCK!!!

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