Friday, October 26, 2007


I am SO pleased to recently discover I am learning song lyrics from just listening to the song, rather than my usual trick of having the lyrics up as it plays on media player!! WHOOOO, go CI!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mobile phones!

Short version:
I have a Next G phone! Now everyone can call me!! YAAAY FOR USING A MOBILE!
(oh yeah, i have video calling now too)

Long version:
Went to the shops... there are 3 phone shops right next to each other... for all the complaints you hear about Telstra, it was the only full shop.
I waited 45 minutes to be served, thats how busy they were!

So when I finally got served, I had to explain I have the CI so I needed a NextG phone and I'd like to test it out to see if it worked. The guy was very young so I expected a bit of attitude or confusion at the least but he seemed to know exactly what I meant and pulled out a handset for me, set it up and told me to go outside the shops where he called and spoke to me and asked about interference. I tried 2 phones but sticking with the Nokia (mmm nokia).

And he was very helpful about plans because I explained I had no idea what my call usage was going to be, not using voice calls before and asked if it would be a problem to change... so he's got me some sort of deal where I can interchange plans with no problems if my call usage is high!

What a great helpful guy, I might write a letter :P

So I have called Mum, Garth (who said "is that it? thats why you've called, to say you can hear on the phone?") and Dane! YAAAY. I have to try and speak normally and not yell into it, haha

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