Thursday, December 21, 2006

More work phone

I emailed my dad this morning telling him my brakes are making awful scraping noises and would the mechanic fit me in tomorrow? Apparently brake noises are REALLY BAD so he called the RAC for me. RAC came and listened to brakes and looked at them and said "drive it STRAIGHT to the mechanic".

My mechanic is a legend. He said I could go in right away and he will fix it then and there, even though its his last day before closing down for the year.

So I was gone for about an hour and a half! So came back to work and rang Dad and he couldn't believe how quick it was fixed. And how well I did on the phone, he thought it was much easier than dealing with the situation over email. I thought so too. Was especially pleased to have someone other than dad answer the phone and still understand everything!!

Friday, December 8, 2006

Work phones

I sent mum and email yesterday so I thought I would call her and let her know I emailed her so she could check it (because I am very impatient and I like replies RIGHT NOW). So I called her from a work phone, partly to say "hey, check your email" and partly to see how I manage the work phones.

I am the only person in the library without a phone, I'm sure they've done this with good intentions so people don't call me but I can still talk to mum!! This phone rocks, its better than my home one. So I ended up having a conversation with her and understood everything!

So this morning my boss (who sits across from me and probably heard every word I said yesterday) asked would I like a phone. So I am getting a phone! YAAAY! Now I can call mum and dad, yaaay!! I might even try answering a work call to see how I go! whooo!