Friday, December 8, 2006

Work phones

I sent mum and email yesterday so I thought I would call her and let her know I emailed her so she could check it (because I am very impatient and I like replies RIGHT NOW). So I called her from a work phone, partly to say "hey, check your email" and partly to see how I manage the work phones.

I am the only person in the library without a phone, I'm sure they've done this with good intentions so people don't call me but I can still talk to mum!! This phone rocks, its better than my home one. So I ended up having a conversation with her and understood everything!

So this morning my boss (who sits across from me and probably heard every word I said yesterday) asked would I like a phone. So I am getting a phone! YAAAY! Now I can call mum and dad, yaaay!! I might even try answering a work call to see how I go! whooo!

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