Sunday, May 30, 2010

More updates on mobile phones

Thanks to my dad's suggestion, I contacted Telstra's disability department about mobile phones for CI users. They actually gave me a specific phone that will work well with the cochlear implant.

Of course, the phone is their own brand, LOL.

But we have found this great site which lists phones with high compatibility with hearing aids:
Phone Finder

As that is American, now it's just a matter of finding out if those models are also sold in Australia.

Motorola Australia also has a webpage devoted to accessibility, including mentioning that all their phones are built with telecoil:

So there is information out there!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bits and pieces

Recently, I captioned my YouTube video of my switch on. It took Stu (my husband) 2 hours to caption a one minute video! Such an involved process!

You Tube Video

Other things:

About a month ago, I received an email from someone in the US who wanted to interview me about my CI experience for an article she was writing.
This is the finished product:

CI article

Another recent happening is a Senate report on Hearing Health in Australia was released. I actually made a submission and was quoted on the cost of hearing aid batteries.
I wish I made a mention of mobile phones :(

The PDF of the report : here

Mobile phones

In the US, they have a M and T rating for cell phones. M for Microphone and T for telecoil and the higher the number, the more compatible with hearing aids/cochlear implants.

Unfortunately, Australia does not have this rating and our major Telecommunications company has fobbed me off TWICE (once online, once in a shop) as they can't help and don't offer to do any research in it.

Yesterday in the shop, I explained the Iphone (as an example) had terrible sound and I just a blank look with "but that volume is quite loud". Well yes, it might be, but it's not compatable enough with telecoils.

On the US Nokia site I actually found a list of Nokia phones with this high M/T rating, but which Australia doesn't sell.
So I email Nokia, explaining this rating and these phones and do we have anything similar in Australia.
I get an answer that Nokia does not keep records of these ratings and refer to the Nokia pages to search for a phone that suits your needs and preferences.

DUH, this is why I EMAILED YOU.

Obviously in Australia there is a HUGE gap where there is no information available on compatible mobile phones!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nucleus 5 : switch on

This switch on was nowhere near as emotional as my first one!

She put it all together as it comes in lots of pieces. She hooked it up to the computer... added all the previous settings from my old one and turned it on.

Audiologist: How is it?
Me : Fine
Audiologist: Any different?
Me: S's a bit more clearer, that is about it.

So there is not much difference with it in every day situations. BUT it is much lighter on the ear and looks cooler too :)

The audiologist showed me how to add the battery packs on and how to use the remote. She didn't show me how to use the buttons on the actual processor, saying I would just use the remote (which looks very ipodish).

Stu and I left after being there only half an hour and went to the city, to test if it really is better in noisier situations like it claims. It is sort of better, the remote definately helps in working out what program is which so you can adjust it to the noisy situation.
But while at the pub, I did work how I can use the buttons on the processor, as lets face it, carrying a remote around all the time is a pain in the bum.

On the way to the city tho, I did ring dad from the mobile to test that and it worked ok.

But at work on the phones, I'm having problems. At the moment I can't tell if it's the setting (I can hear background noise which is great at being able to tell how loud you are talking, previously it cut out all background noise) or if I just haven't quite worked out the best way to place the phone.

Also, because I can hear background noise, I can't tell if the auto-t switch is kicking in. This is why I wanted this processor, because I didn't have to press any buttons to use the phone, it can detect the phone and automatically switch programs.
This is easily fixed with a visit to the audiologist tho, she can turn down the background noise.
I also want her to set it as a permanent feature, not something I have to set with the remote (cant' believe she didn't set it in the first place, or at least ask).

My disposible battery pack I think will need to be replaced as it's not fitting tightly on, it kind of wobbles a bit. I don't want that twisting and falling off!

I do have a major problem with the new processor. My everyday setting is currently on it's maximum setting. It is the same volume I had before... only I used to turn it up in quiet situations. Now this is the loudest it will ever get.
What is wrong with Cochlear?!! MAKE IT LOUDER!!!!!!!!!!!

Stu doesn't think I'm doing any worse or any better with it.