Monday, December 12, 2005

Surgery date


*drumroll* ... 23rd of January!!!

Write it down folks, then there are no excuses not to send a get-well card :P

I had a bunch of tests this morning, one of which was the most relaxing hearing test ever. I just sat there and had some things taped to my head and the machine worked it out for me. Wicked. Though, I did discover my favoured ear (the one NOT getting implanted) is actually not as good as my non-favoured ear. Oops. I wonder how that happened.

Then I had some balancing tests with involved looking at dots on the wall with things strapped to me so a machine works out the information. Then another test which had me lying down with my eyes closed while the audiologist poured water in my ear. This makes you SO dizzy! And the audiologist make you think of other stuff (like, girls names beginning with each letter of the alphabet), probably so you don't be sick everywhere coz its not fun being that dizzy. Anyway, the audiologist is going to be dealing with the actual CI ajustments and that sort of thing.

Then I had an appointment with the specialist, he looks over the results of the tests I just had and says "That all looks good, do you want to make a date for surgery today?"
So I talk to the receptionist, she gives me a date and I've chosen the colour of my Speech Processor. Its going to be a grey colour (See it here). I figure if I'm going to be considered a cyborg by having this, I might as have a metallic colour :P

I have a couple more appointments with the audiologist for speech discrimination tests (which I'll fail miserably, lol) and just general discussions about it and I'm not seeing the ENT again until the day of my surgery... I'm still in shock that its that soon.

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