Monday, November 28, 2005

How it will be paid for!

Dear HBF (health insurance for those not in Australia)

After years of fighting tooth and nail to get you to pay a decent percentage of the costs of hearing aids, I forgive you. I am still in shock after finding out you'll cover practically the whole CI device. Not to mention that being a private patient means I go to a fancy hospital :P

Dear Government

Thank you for paying the gap that HBF doesn't cover. I realise that the benefit has only been available since October and the timing couldn't have been more perfect ;)

Dear Work

Thank you for being so understanding and accomodating. It is a real load off my shoulders knowing I can take as much time off as necessary without worrying that I'd be resented for it. I can not imagine my previous employer being this nice OR flexible.


So, thats all the outside factors taken care of!! My next appointment is in 2 weeks, it involves a bunch of hearing tests then seeing the ENT again!

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