Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sounds I'm looking forward too

I’m going to make a LIST of all the things I’m looking forward to hearing/doing again if this CI works.

* using the PHONE! I’m not sure if I’d be able to use a mobile.. but WOW, that would be UNREAL
* going to Gold Class (or really, any normal movie)
* hearing the car indicator, keys rattling, birds, the FFSSHHTT when opening fizzy drink bottles
* group conversations
* conversations in the dark
* conversations that don’t require lip-reading
* understanding speeches!
* TV without subtitles
* dvds without subtiles (bring on Joan of Arcadia!)
* understanding the radio
* hearing my mobile go off
* hearing the punchlines of a joke the FIRST time
* cyclists who ring their bells behind me while I’m rollerblading (hahahaha!)

God, I can’t believe that’s all I can think of. There should be billions of things. I'm seeing the audiologist in the new year, I'll have to find out what day I get switched on!!!

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