Sunday, May 30, 2010

More updates on mobile phones

Thanks to my dad's suggestion, I contacted Telstra's disability department about mobile phones for CI users. They actually gave me a specific phone that will work well with the cochlear implant.

Of course, the phone is their own brand, LOL.

But we have found this great site which lists phones with high compatibility with hearing aids:
Phone Finder

As that is American, now it's just a matter of finding out if those models are also sold in Australia.

Motorola Australia also has a webpage devoted to accessibility, including mentioning that all their phones are built with telecoil:

So there is information out there!


cacovsky said...

Hi, Nikki!

I saw your video on youtube (the one that the CI is turned on) and I was thrilled. Actually, I cried with you and I cry everytime I see it. It should have been an awesome experience. I'm not deaf, but I couldn't live without music.

I'm happy to see that even now, 4 years later, you're still posting your experiences. Keep up good work!

Andrey said...

Hi, Nikki. :)

I saw you video on youtube. It's amazing that you can hear.
I wish you health and good luck. :)

This is for you.

Nikki said...

Thank you very much for your good wishes :)

Ichinisan said...

Do they make Bluetooth headsets that are compatible with the CI? If so, I think you'd be able to use almost ANY phone!