Monday, August 3, 2009


I just read over my last post about fraying cords. I believe they have made them better and my new cord hasn't needed to be replaced for over a year!

I've also read (skimmed, really) "Rebuilt : how becoming part computer made me more human" by Michael Chorst and I've wondered if anyone would publish a book if I wrote about my experience ;)


a-ni-tsa-s-gi-li said...

sadly I'm not a publisher. that's a really good idea though! you should do it!

a-ni-tsa-s-gi-li said...


just thought I'd let you know it's been a week since I've received the surgical implant in my left ear. recovery's been a little slow as my sense of balance was decimated for a while, but doing much better right now. will finally get my processor and the initial programming done on december 7th, wish me luck! hope everything is well with you.

-- stephen

Leanne said...

I would, as I am slowly losing my hearing and the hearing aids are not really coping any more I would love to read more about other peoples experiences. Only just found your blog and love to read yours, thanks for sharing!

Nikki said...

Hi Leanne, I hope the blog helps. I only started this blog since my decision to get the CI, but there was years of frustration as I lost my hearing.

If you can manage to find people in a similar situation, they are a great support network!

Anonymous said...

now's a good time to pose the question about your book again! good luck