Thursday, March 8, 2007

More phone!

I love the phone now! I seem to be making a habit of updating everytime I use the phone succesfully, lol.
Todays phone story: Nikki emailed Garth to ring somewhere and book a table for her. Garth takes a long time to email back. Nikki gets impatient and calls Garth on his mobile. Garth is too busy to make phone calls for Nikki but expresses surprise at how well she can follow the conversation while he's on the mobile. Nikki likes mobiles because people talk DIRECTLY into the mouthpiece.
Anyway, Nikki tries to call Mum to get her to call for a table reservation but Mum isn't home. Doh. So Nikki calls herself! And she did really well, she got all the information she wanted. Nikki rocks :P
(The WHOLE POINT of me getting the CI was so I could use the phone again! God, I am so happy about it, I managed to do well enough to USE THE PHONE. That is the ultimate CI success, IMHO).

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