Friday, March 23, 2007

Even more phone!

I just rang my audiologist to make an appointment and I could tell the receptionist is new because she had no idea who I was (there are 2 receptionists and both know who I am) and I don't think she ever heard of a CI before, rofl. So it was really funny trying to explain what I need her to tell my audiologist ;)

I rang a restaurant today to get a menu faxed to me for a work lunch tmw :) Awesome

When I was at mums the other day I answered the phone thinking it was Garth coz I told him to call me and it was someone else ringing for mum, oooops. But I managed and the person rang mum again later and she thought I did great on the phone. I'm glad she thought so because the only thing I didn't catch out of the whole conversation was her name, lol

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