Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Documentation for upgrading the speech processor has finally come out. The documentation is fantastic, it lists all the health funds and the contacts.

My current fund will only upgrade after a lot of fuss. In fact, they didn't get back to me when I contacted them about it.

Medibank Private, on the other hand, are fantastic. I replied and got all the answers I wanted, including they will upgrade with no fuss, as long as the audiologist is happy to put in the claim paperwork on the clients behalf!

So, so easy!

So I swapped funds, the great thing being that there are no waiting periods if your cover from the previous fund is the same as the cover in the new fund!

Thank you, Australian Health System!


Portia said...

Hi there! I've been reading your posts for the last hr or so. Its so interesting to read every thought and feeling that you have with your CI! My son who is now 3 was implanted last yr with his first CI and just had his 2nd CI done last month..and was activated a few days ago. I wish I had a CI of my own so I wouldnt have to guess what he is hearing and feeling sometimes. Well Im glad I found you! I will be thinking of some questions to ask you :)



Joan said...

hi nikki, as a side issue. my mom is 80 odd and said one pregnancy she went totally deaf for a couple of months. then after the child was born she got her hearing back. i raise this because now she is quite deaf and is being treated herbally for fluid retention. lymphatic. so sometimes now she can hear better than other days. before she would say "these batteries! i just changed it today!" thinking it was the battery in her hearing aide. somewhere somehow there is a blockage or buildup that is slowly being corrected. side issue?... how did your hearing start to fail? regards joan ps. im glad life has sound again for you!!!

Nikki said...

Hi Joan

There is no explanation for my hearing which deteriorated, it just started disappearing in my late teens. But mine is nerve deafness.

I'm glad they are treating your mum and they have worked out her hearing issue!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey are you my twin or something??? Sounds like you have had a very similar experience to me including the switch on (Yes I made the same Chipmunk comment!!!) and even the Nerve deafness...except when I was 19. Thanks heaps for you blog etc, I'm now just looking into getting Bi-lateral implants and upgrades etc
Thanks heap for the info etc as well.

Nikki said...

Greg : Wow, that does sound very similar! How old are you now?

Are you currently implanted in just the one ear?