Sunday, February 14, 2010


I've started thinking about upgrades to my CI, which cost craploads of money so thought better check if my health fund covers it.

Apparently they don't.

I try to talk to a company that I've heard DOES cover upgrades. They have no freaking idea what I'm talking about.

I send out billions of emails to different companies to see if they'll cover a new upgrade, then they reply needing medicare numbers.

Medicare tells me there are thousands of numbers and just fob me off.

I try my audiologist and my ENT for *any* sort of information.

In the meantime I find out there is actually a new processor out !!!

I've spoken to Cochlear numerous times now, they don't have a rebate code for the new processor yet (too new?) but they gave me the old rebate code. They tell me they've dealt with MY insurance company who do cover upgrades, as does the one who originally had no freaking idea what i'm talking about.

I can't believe how freaking difficult it is to get cover for an upgrade. It's like a hearing aid for gods sake, you get covered for upgrading those!!!


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