Friday, July 21, 2006


Couple of things to mention!

Firstly, here is a pic of the speech processor so people can see what i'm talking about:

This morning I noticed the wire bit of the CI (as you can see above) has FRAYED. The insulation bit is falling apart and you can see the actual wires inside. Its ONLY FIVE MONTHS OLD!!
I can tell what has caused it, it gets twisted when it's actually on. Trouble is, they have to replace the whole magnet, gah! So finding out now what the deal is there.
*EDIT* Apparently its a common problem, its covered under warranty and just to go in to get it replaced. YAY!
And if they let me keep it, I can start a collection of CI fridge magnets, lol

The other bit to mention... in the pic you can see 2 battery cases. They've brought out a NEW one, a SMALLER one with less batteries!! ARRRRGHH!!! The smaller one wouldn't last as long (they say 4 days, I'd say about 3) but... smaller/lighter! It gets pretty heavy sometimes.

And I will just mention I just LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to understand people without lipreading :)))

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